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The 10 Things to Pack in Your Suitcase when Travelling to Sicily

Let’s say you have picked the perfect itinerary, a breathtaking coast-to-coast of the main Sicilian landmarks for instance. Let’s even say you have picked the most comfortable airline company there is and you have planned in detail what you’ll do in each one of your stops. But then, the inevitable happens, you forget your toothbrush and, all of a sudden, a perfect vacation turns into a perfect hassle. What’s Italian for “toothbrush” anyway? Don’t worry though, we thought you may need some help in figuring out what are the essentials you need to bring with you. That’s why we put together a list of the items we believe you’ll definitely need to enjoy your trip to Sicily to the fullest.


  1. Documents: yes, you may think this is a strange one, but you have no idea how many people forget to bring their IDs along with them on vacation. Don’t be that person, pack all your documents in your hand luggage. <\ br>
  2. Money: life in Sicily is quite inexpensive so you most likely won’t spend it all but do bring some cash with you. Not all places down here accept credit cards.
  3. Visa: nope, not the credit card. Before going on a trip, it’s very important to check whether you need travel documents or not as well as how, when, and where to get them from. If you’re coming from a place outside of Europe, chances you’ll need a visa are high and you may even need to bring some extra documentation with you to show at the border.
  4. Chargers/Adapters: smartphones aren’t a simple accessory anymore, they are an extension of our bodies. Nowadays it’s more necessary than ever to keep a charger handy and, even more so, to know whether you’d need an adapter to go with that whilst travelling. We suggest you get a universal adapter, so you are covered no matter where you go.
  5. Camera: Sicilian culture, sea, top notch food, and smiling people. These are all amazing things that need to be captured on camera so you can look at them for years and years to come! We know, we know, your phone can take amazing photos that you can upload directly on Instagram. But, you have to admit, the feeling of holding an actual camera (even better if vintage) and shoot some pics is on another level of cool.
  6. Medicine kit: this may not be the most pleasant thing to see on this list, but it is definitely one of the most necessary. Band-Aids, allergy medicine, and mosquito spray are some of the medicine essentials you may need when coming over to Sicily.
  7. Clothes: we are not fashionistas, but we do know how people dress in Sicily during summer months. So, how do you pack your clothes in a smart way? We suggest not to bring clothes you care a lot about, what if your suitcase gets lost? Rather, pack something new, quick, and easy that you have not worn yet. People aren’t formal down here: sneakers or espadrilles, coupled with neutral-colored pants and a white t-shirt will be perfect for any occasion. In case you want to bring heels, that’s totally fine, but you may want to avoid bringing those to the beach.
  8. Personal hygiene items: Chibedda will provide you with everything you may need to make your stay comfortable, but we suggest you bring your own toothbrush and toothpaste from home. In case you forget them, you’ll definitely be able to purchase them at any one of the shops near your Dimora, but what if you get there past the shops’ working hours? Better safe than sorry! Oh and, about toothpaste, the regular packaging you find in the supermarket (75ml) is good for travelling with in your hand luggage!
  9. Sunscreen: this is not something to overlook. You may not notice it because of the marine breeze, but the sun in Sicily can hit you pretty hard if you don’t protect yourself accordingly. We’ll let you decide what layer of protection you need, but don’t forget to pack it in your suitcase!
  10. Smartphone: last but not least, it’s almost impossible to forget it. Indeed, what you may forget more so than your smartphone are its accessories: external charger, waterproof cover, headphones and every other possible hi-tech gadget you may need are not to be forgotten!


We are confident that this list will set you up for holiday success.

But what about you, is there anything you totally cannot do without when you travel?
Let us know in the comment section below!

27 June 2018No Comments

We are Live!

It is with great pleasure that we communicate that Chibedda’s website, chibedda.com is now online! The website has new content and the same modern, elegant, and perky design that characterizes our Chibedda Dimore. The website is practical in that, on top of sharing useful information, it allows users to save money when book their stay since the website doesn’t take the commission than many of the third party providers we use add on (ex. AirBnB, Booking.com).


The new website expresses our desire to share information regarding Sicily, a place that we are passionate about and that is at the heart of everything that we do, in many different and engaging ways.


The website is also a tool for us to talk about the wider Chibedda project, which isn’t just about hosting you in unique and truly Sicialian homes: it’s a way to share our experiences, values, and culture.