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Dimora Cesca.
Past and future live in harmony at Castellamare del Golfo


Cerca is a unique woman: she looks at the most modern trends, but her heart is forever connect to its Sicilian roots. Antique doors and pavements decorated with arabesques create a Chic Antique atmosphere through the juxtaposition with Berlin-inspired furniture and overall interior design. Come relax inside this refreshing atmosphere.

Cesca is sure to grab your attention even before you walk in: you get to the house by walking in the historical city center of Castellamare past an old arch whose walls have been illustrated by a famous local street artist.

Cerca offers amazing views of the Gulf and the castle from each one of its floors. Ideed, Cesca develops on three floors and is decorated using achic antique style that mixes modern European furnishings with traditional Arabic ones. Indeed, the Arabs are one of the ethnic groups that brought the most beautiful artifacts, food, and culture to Sicily.

Each floor has its own balcony or windows. The more you go up, the more you see of the sourrounding beauties, up until the last floor where you can unwind on a cute
terrace. The last floor also has a relaxation room inspired by Arabic interior design. The other floors have a more modern european style. The kitchen and bedrooms are enriched by copper motives and details and the pavement is made up of antique floor tiles.

A thousand roads, one destination: Castellamare del Golfo


Castellamare is a precious city in a strategic location. Castellamare is surrounded by turquoise sea, beaches, and wild natural reserves, which are nonetheless very easy to get to. To breathe Castellamare’s air is to breathe the history of the Mediterranean. Indeed, famous writers and poets like Erodoto have been writing about Castellamare since the V sec BC. It wasn’t until the Arabs got to Castellamare many centuries later, however, that this city became a rich center of commerce with its harbor as hub for it all. That’s also when the first stones of the town’s castle, later expanded by the Normans, were laid out. Walk around the tiny streets, stop to enjoy some coffee on the town’s main avenue, and visit one of the magnificent medieval Churches, like the Church of Our Lady of the Rosary. Inside of this particular Church you’ll be able to admire the "Maronna di l'agnuni,” which translates to the English “Black Madonna”: black like the night in Castellammare, but lit up by yellow street lights. Follow these lights from the main avenue all the way down to the harbor where you’ll find exclusive night clubs and bars that make the magical Castellamare nights come alive. Relax and have fun!

HOT AIR BALLONIf you want to get to Dimora Cesca by hot air balloon, you will not believe your eyes once you see the areal view of Castellamare del Golfo. The tips we can give you to succeed in this challenge are to wear a jacket. Sicily is warm and all, but we are pretty sure it’s going to get pretty cold up there. Oh and… mind the birds.

PLANE: Getting to Dimora Cesca by plane is super easy. You can land either at the airport of Falcone e Borsellino in Palermo or at the aero port of Birgi in Trapani once you arrive at airport, get in a car and drive towards Castellammare del Golfo. You’ll be home in about 20 minutes, and we’ll be waiting for you with open arms!

TRAIN: If you want to get to Dimora Cesca by train, you’re on the right track. You’’ll get to enjoy the sea breeze coming from the train’s window and you’ll be in Castellamare in no time after getting off at Castellamare’s train station.

BOATSicily is an island in the middle of the sea, so there’s many ways and boats you can take to get here. Your best bet is to take a boat to Palermo and then go from there using one of the methods we shared with you above. If you are in a car, get on the highway for palermo and take the exit for Castellammare del Golfo.

CARIf you are coming from another region, a road trip is the best way to admire the landscapes Italy has to offer, from the peninsula to the Stretto di Messina bridge that connects it to Sicily. Simply rent a car, put your house’s address in and get driving! Once you go past the bridge, get on the highway following directions for Trapani. You’ll get to Castellammare del Golfo in a few hours, where a wild natural reserve will be waiting for you.

BUS: Palermo has an excellent bus transportation system that, like the train, allows you to enjoy amazing views of Sicily’s natural landscape. All you have to do is take the bus for Castellamare and you’ll be able to reach Dimora Cesca very easily from the bus stop.

Chibedda Amenities


The traditional flavor of this residence doesn’t mean it isn’t up-to-date with technology. You’ll forget about the heat of a Sicilian summer thanks to a modern AC unit and you’ll unwind to the amazing views of both the sea and the castle. Additionally, the washing machine, TV, fully-equipped kitchen, and WiFi are sure to make your stay comfortable.


ingresso indipendente / private entrance
letti matrimoniali / double beds
microonde / microwave
cucina / kitchen
lenzuola / sheets
prima spesa / kitchen food essentials
asciugamani / towels
pacco regalo / welcome gift with local goods
aria condizionata / conditioned air
lavatrice / washing machine
balcone / balcony
vista mare / sea view
parcheggio / parking
internet wifi / Wi-Fi
TV satellitare / satellite TV

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Room Extrafields



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