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why choose us

The luxury of living in the island that is held up by myth.

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The myth that Chibedda takes its inspiration from is known as Colapesce, half man and half fish. The legends narrates that Colapesce lives in the deep part of the sea and functions as the third of three columns that are believed to hold up the island. Just like him, we want to preserve and expand the Sicilian culture through showing its most truthful, beautiful sides.

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Why choose us?

Where are we located, you ask? In the city center.

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Our dimore are located in the center of Actirezza and Castellamare del Golfo’s city centers, a few steps away from the corresponding harbors. We highly suggest exploring the city by foot. From bread to the sea, everything you need is just a few steps away.

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Why choose us?

A relaxing and conscious vacation.

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Chibedda supports a holiday style that is respectful and environmentally-friendly. In a nature-filled place like Sicily this kind of behavior is necessary. This is why Chibedda kindly asks his guests to be conscious of their footprint in order to preserve the delicate resources Sicily offers. Specifically, we ask you to avoid any waste of water and electricity.

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Why choose us?

Home sweet home.

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Chibedda’s main goal is to make our guests feel as comfortable as they are in their own home and dream home alike. That’s what makes us happy. We believe in the value of hospitality, and this transpires in our availability as well as in the small details we pay attention to, such as your personalized welcome gift.

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Why choose us?

No hidden surprises.

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Chibedda knows very well what traveling means. We know some circumstances may arise where you may need to edit or cancel your booking, and that’s why we have an advantageous booking policy.

You can edit your booking at no cost, as long as there is availability and you do so within 28 days from check-in.

You can cancel your booking at no cost within 28 days from check-in. If you decide to cancel your booking after the 28 day period, you’ll be partially reimbursed: if you cancel within 21 days you’ll be reimbursed of 75% of the total, if you cancel within 14 days you’ll be reimbursed of 50% of the total, if you cancel within 7 days you’ll be reimbursed of 25% of the total. If you cancel after 7 days or don’t show up, you won’t receive any reimbursement.

This is a simple advantage that meets any natural change of plans that may happen while you plan your vacation.

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Why choose us?

City Tax.

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Every city has a small city tax that tourists must pay in order to stay there. Chibedda doesn’t agree with the need to have tourists pay city taxes, but we are obliged by law to have our guest pay it. Don’t worry though, the tax usually doesn’t amount to more than 2 euros per person per night.

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Why choose us?

Airbnb, Booking, TripAdvisor, Homeaway.

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If you book your holiday directly from our website, you’ll always pay the lowest price possible as compared to booking it from one of our hosting service providers such as AirBnB, Booking.com, Tripadvisor, and Home Away. That’s because every hosting service that we use adds its own handling fees that raise the total booking rate. ‘

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it's not just an holiday homes

Chibedda knows how to pampers you

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Chibedda pampers you with a welcome gift that will contain local goods and great wine.

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Upon arrival, Chiedda will welcome you with some basic cooking essentials: sugar, coffee, water and all those things that you need to have from the start.

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Chibedda is always looking out for you: we are constantly looking for partner discounts that can help you save some money during your stay without missing out on all the wonderful things Sicily has to offer.


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Chibedda Place

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Acitrezza, Catania
Dimora Lia: via Serbatoio
95021 Acitrezza (Catania)

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Castellammare del Golfo, Trapani
Dimora Cesca: via Discesa Badia, 91014 Castellammare del Golfo (Trapani)
Dimora Etta: via Mannina, 91014 Castellammare del Golfo (Trapani)

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