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Dimora Lia.
Nestled in the village of Actirezza


The frizzy hair of Dimora Lia taste like sea waves, a recurring motif in the details of this house. Its strong personality given by the lava stone contrasts the delicate Shabby Chic furnishings.

Come discover the beauty of the sea that Lia brings with her in every room. Muse of Acitrezza, Dimora Lia communicates her behavior through the details. That’s why every detail of this home will showcase the love that Lia has for Sicily and its sea.

The colorful mediterranean-style tiles make the kitchen unique. The dried palm leaves that frame the beds of the loft area add an exotic and refined touch, and the wrought iron ornamental motifs recall the crisp waves of the sea. The walls of this house are made of white lava stone and the light that reflects on the nearby sea lightly shines on the elegant Shabby Chic interiors.

Dimora Lia also has a wonderful internal courtyard, a secret jewel, a heart that beats in between sky and sand.

A thousand roads, one destination: Acitrezza


The history of Acitrezza is rooted in myth. Homer narrates that Ulisses passed by Acitrezza on his journey across the Mediterranean. Ever since then, it has become a must visit for every traveller, also because it is now much easier to get to Acitrezza than it was during Ulisses’ times. Breathtaking and rich in history, this jewel on the sea is perched on the sea alongside little colorful houses. The location, the house, and the view are sure to mesmerize you and make you fall in love. In Acitrezza you’ll find a mix of tradition and legend, exclusivity and fun. While walking around the town, you’ll discover beaches with deep blue sea, a cat or two that emerges from behind the geraniums to give you a look of curiosity, and the faces of the trezzoti fisherman marked by the sun as they pull up the nets they placed offshore by the historical boulders that are believed to have been thrown by the Cyclop at Ulisses back in the day. It’s an elegant village suspended in time and myth, an enchanting place where you can stop and stare at the horizon with a good glass of wine in your hand and wonder whether one of the offshore boats is the Malavoglia’s La Provvidenza finally coming back home.

SWIMMING: If you want to get to Dimora Lia by swimming, first of all we admire you. We love impossible challenges, and the tips we can give you to succeed here are: follow the coast, wear mask and fins, and, most importantly, mind the sharks.

TRAINIf you want to get to Dimora Lia by train, you’re on the right track. You’ll get to enjoy the sea breeze coming from the train’s window and you’ll have two options to get off, either Arcireale station or Catania station. The two train stations are very close to each other, but Catania is more served than Aricreale.

PLANE: Getting to Dimora Lia by plane is super easy. Once you land at the airport of Fontanarossa in Catania, get in a car and drive north towards Acireale. You’ll be home in about 20 minutes, and we’ll be waiting for you with open arms.

CAR: If you are coming from another region, a road trip is the best way to admire the landscapes Italy has to offer, from the peninsula to the Strait of Messina that connects it to Sicily. Once you arrive on the island, jump on the highway and follow the directions for Catania and get off at the Acireale exit towards Actirezza. You’ll get to Actirezza in about an hour, and the sea will be there waiting for you.

BOAT: Sicily is an island in the middle of the sea, so there’s many ways and boats you can take to get here. Your best bet is to take a boat to Catania and then go from there using one of the methods we shared with you above.

BUS: Catania has an excellent bus transportation system that, like the train, allows you to enjoy amazing views of Sicily’s natural landscape. All you have to do is take the bus for Actirezza and you’ll be able to reach Dimora Lia very easily from the bus stop.



The traditional flavor of Dimora Lia doesn’t mean it isn’t up-to-date with technology. You’ll forget about the heat of a Sicilian summer thanks to a modern AC unit. Additionally, the washing machine, TV, fully-equipped kitchen, external and internal showers are sure to make your stay comfortable.


ingresso indipendente / private entrance
letti matrimoniali / double beds
microonde / microwave
cucina / kitchen
lenzuola / sheets
prima spesa / kitchen food essentials
asciugamani / towels
pacco regalo / welcome gift with local goods
aria condizionata / conditioned air
lavatrice / washing machine
balcone / balcony
vista mare / sea view
parcheggio / parking
internet wifi / Wi-Fi
TV satellitare / satellite TV

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Room Extrafields



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